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April 28th is the NEXT 20 Dollar Doodle Sunday!

Come down to Hyaena Gallery on Sunday, April 28th for an exciting day of doodles--who is YOUR Inner Honky?

Come down to Hyaena Gallery on Sunday, April 28th for an exciting day of doodles–who is YOUR Inner Honky?

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Larry Gets His Ass Rocked by the Sexual Magic of the Wooden Ipod

You folks need to come out to the next show I’m putting on! It’s a one-night only affair with my good pal MISS WITHERS.

Big Tasty-“Exciting Decorations for Your Home”

Miss Withers-“Chiefs and Weiners”

I’ll be posting the art I will be selling as I finish it. There’ll be only one night to buy this stuff, so start salivating!

And fuck Target.

Fuck Wal Mart.

Fuck Williams-Sonoma.

Fuck Crate and Barrel.

Fuck yer Happy Meal toys.

Buy Original Art YOU Can Afford!

I love you all,

Big Tasty

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Big Tasty on FACEBOOK!
Big Tasty on YOUTUBE!

And if you have any questions concerning prices for commissions or anything at all (even a person to chat with) write me at

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This 20 Dollar Doodle Sunday

This Sunday August 28th I’m going to be putting on another exciting installment of my 20 Dollar Doodle Sundays event at Burbank’s Hyaena Gallery. If you live out of the state you can still get a doodle, just call 818-972-2448 and tell Bill what you want me to draw! Also, very exciting indeed, I’ll be bringing in a bunch of older unsold BT artwork and selling it a nicely discounted price! Things that I’ve done in the gallery will be discounted as well. Time to make way for MORE BT art!

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#Winning, A Tribute to Charlie Sheen.

I had a great time drawing for this show. While I’ve not spent a whole lot of time watching the videos, I’m in full support of Sheen and his antics. It’s time someone called bullshit on the Hollywood system. May his success continue.

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As always, you can always buy from me and help me buy paper and pens!

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Graphite Show – March 2011

“It Rubs Off” at the world-famous Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, California.

You can be a lucky duck and purchase “Big Tasty (Fuck You!)” for the ultra low price of $80!

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